The developer of the Flexible Access Multiplexer Equipment (FAME) is the Industrial Commercial Associacion (ICA) “CommTechService”

Manufacturer and exlusive distributor of FAME equipment in Ukraine:
“CommTechService” Ltd.

Address: Zahisnikiv Ukrainy st. 9, office 501/502, Chernihiv, 14030, Ukraine.
tel: +38 (0462) -674-254, -614-291
tel/fax: +38 (0462) -651-639

e-mail: goma(no_spam)       web-сайт:

Tech support: +38 (050) 465-84-87, e-mail: support(no_spam)

On the city map:

See Odintsova st. 9, Chernihiv, Ukraine on larger map

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Geo coordinates:

Bind coordinates:
N 51.510494
E 31.334775

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